Sposi in Franciacorta, il vostro look

Newlyweds in Franciacorta, your look for the wedding – Part 2

Newlyweds in Italy? Your look for the wedding

Newlyweds in Italy? Here are useful tips for your wedding look.

We continue with our study dedicated to men.

If you are among the next grooms in the planning phase, the choice of the dress is one of the most important among the preparations for your wedding in Franciacorta, don’t you think?

If, on the one hand, the woman has to consider the combinations of bridal bouquets, bridal shoes, make-up and wedding hairstyle to complete the outfit, you, men, will have to carefully choose an important detail: the tie for your wedding in Franciacorta.

Get married in Franciacorta, groom’s look: Tie knots, which one to choose?

Newlyweds in Italy, for your wedding in Franciacorta you don’t know which tie and knot model to choose? Don’t worry, future spouses in Franciacorta, there is no need to worry about.

There are few models of tie, rather it is the knots that make the difference.

The easiest to make are: the simple knot, which consists of four steps, and the small knot, which is even complete in three moves, the latter is ideal for very thick ties.

Then there is the Onassis knot, to be made thanks to tweezers for a great class final effect.

Another knot? The simple double, which compared to its “little brother” has an extra turn and therefore its yield has more volume.

And let’s not forget the Italian knot, very particular as it is not centered.

We cannot fail to remind you of the Windsor knot, it is the most complex, suitable for special occasions such as weddings in noble residences between the hills and vineyards of Franciacorta, even if there is an everyday version called mezzo-Windsor.

Lastly, the Atlantic knot that will give a touch of great class in the case you choose vintage outfits.

Future grooms in Franciacorta, do you remember the style used a lot during gala dinners on the 20s and 30s ocean liners? You may not, but surely your future brides will know what we are talking about.

Remember that the knot of the tie should never be loosened during your wedding day. True elegance is rendered by a tight knot close to the neck, from the beginning to the end of the wedding, in Franciacorta and elsewhere.

Get married in Franciacorta, wedding look: the fabric to choose

Silk is the tie’s fabric par excellence for wedding look and, depending on the processing method, it gives different styles.

The ties can be worked with a sewing machine (but they will be a little stiffer to tie) or by hand.

Few know, however, that the quality of a tie (and the ease of making the knot) is given by the way the support was sewn. Support that can be obtained with cotton yarn or wool yarn.

Get married in Franciacorta, wedding look: Size matter

Remember Newlyweds in Italy, the classic tie reaches a width of 8 cm and should never exceed 9 cm. As for the length, however, it should never protrude beyond the belt.

The last few years have seen a narrower type of tie establish than the traditional one, chosen above all by the younger grooms for an elegant, but fresh office look.

This last model is well suited for a casual, boho-chic or rustic Franciacorta wedding outfit, while it is not suitable for classic ceremonies.

Wedding in Italy, groom’s look: What colour?

To choose the right colour of the tie to show off on your wedding in Italy, follow this simple rule: light tie on dark suit, dark tie on light suit.

There are however exceptions for wedding look.

For example, if your wedding day in Franciacorta will be evening and you choose to wear an elegant tuxedo, then there is no choice: the suit must be strictly black, as well as the tie.

… tie? Newlyweds in Italy keep following us, in the next article we will tell you about this very classy alternative.

(To be continued…)