musica per le nozze in franciacorta

Music for your wedding in Franciacorta: interview to the singer Saba

Music for your wedding in Franciacorta

Behind every professional there is a story, there is a passion

The passion in this case is called Music and Saba has a lot of it! How not to choose this performer for your wedding with music in Franciacorta?

But let’s introduce this young singer better. Saba, was born on August 9, 1986 with music in her blood.

Her father, who has Eritrean origin, has always been the star for her and, from an early age, he has transmitted her all love for music.

Jimmy (his father’s nickname) was a DJ from the clubs in this area.

Saba’s passion was therefore born behind a console, where her father made her dream with 70s soul music.

As a child, Saba heard music at home from all the walls, which formed, so to speak, her musical ear.

Since her childhood, this singer has given up her free time for her passion (and without any remorse). For her, music has always been much more than a pastime.

Her first steps

Saba’s first singing experiences began in church, then continued in karaoke during her teenage years.

In 2003 she undertook a course of study with a private teacher.

From that moment her first participations in singing competitions started in the area and on national territory.

The start was immediately promising and full of important goals, such as television participation in national and local networks, as well as being part of an Academy for the new proposals of Sanremo Festival.

2005 was the year that finally gave her the opportunity to become a real singer, being part of a team of young people in the area, singing covers of all the most important Italian and international songwriters and bands.

This experience has finally given to Saba the opportunity to grow as a professional, since it is not only important to have a beautiful voice, but to be complete!

In constant evolution

For Saba this being complete coincided with managing an event, a wedding or an evening and in 2009 she finally decided to do this.

The desire to be independent and able to provide excellent service, to never be forgotten by customers is the “engine” that guided her.

From 2009 to now her awareness of being able to offer a service has grown a lot, from the first experiences that showed a sort of shyness everything has evolved.

It was just the beginning.

Time has done the rest and Saba has learned “on the field” to be a singer with an important vocal technique, able to perform on different stages and events, but always remaining herself and maintaining humility and simplicity.

Now she consolidated her success, she has been in the market for many years and, after having sown a lot, she is finally reaping the fruits of her apprenticeship.

Her first marriage was made not solo, but with her band.

It was a new and different experience from the evenings that she offered on the premises.

We are talking about an elegant and decidedly more intimate event, which required perfection in every detail in her (and in her group).

She started singing (and still performs) in locations and in unique, truly suggestive spaces that make her feel privileged and special.

“Her” spouses are still in contact with her. A lasting relationship has been created, made of great satisfactions and demonstrations of affection.

This makes us understand that the human relationship is the basis of all Saba’s work as a wedding singer.

What the spouses say about her

Saba’s major strength is being versatile, her repertoire can adapt to any type of age and demand.

The choice of sophisticated songs makes her a singer who demonstrates the technique and knowledge of singing.

Interpreting a song does not only require technique, but also knowledge of the lyrics and meaning of the song.

Knowing how to relate to the spouses and create a family environment for her is a strong point in which she invests a lot of time.

Saba loves to meet future spouses several times to get to know them deeply, to understand their musical tastes and their character in depth.

These meetings give tranquility and familiarity to future spouses (very important considering that the wedding day will be full of thoughts related to the organization).

Music for the wedding in Franciacorta must have been already and perfectly organized.

The spouses will be able to “relax” and enjoy their day of celebration, because with this interpreter they will have the guarantee of a high level singing performance, the choice of exclusive and refined songs.

Refinement of the songs comes from the needs of the spouses and their guests for music which must be able to satisfy all ages during their wedding in Franciacorta.

The blues/soul voice that Saba has, creates a sophisticated and elegant environment: it is something really special

But without neglecting a cheerful and sparkling repertoire for the most eventful moments of the wedding, a real disco!

The music for the wedding in Franciacorta, on request, can also become a fun karaoke (this is the service that has integrated Saba in this 2018 wedding season).

“If future spouses and their guests request to have fun singing, why not give it to them? It is pure joy to see people satisfied” Saba says smiling.

The DJ set is another service that Saba offers to the spouses, not only music sung by her, not only karaoke, but also those special songs that the spouses with their guests would like to dance.

It ranges among all musical genres, in a certain sense following in the footsteps of her father, a fact which strongly moves the singer.

But let’s go back to what she proposes for your wedding in Franciacorta.

Saba is happy to have grown up and to be able to understand all these services listed above in order to offer a wide variety to the spouses and their guests.

If you are curious to know her, search her on the social channels!

We, creators of Love In Franciacorta, after hearing her voice, could not have done without her in our project.

As an interpreter for music during the wedding in Franciacorta, we know that Saba will continue her research, aiming for continuous professional growth (perhaps also thanks to us).

It may seem risky to have all this trust “only” after hearing her sing, certainly as enterprising, but we are sure that over time Saba will reach higher and higher.

Her tenacity and her desire to do distinguish her.

Saba brought out not only thanks to our word of mouth and of those who have had the honor of listening to her.

It is also thanks to social media that the demand for her services is growing and, above all, her audience is growing.

The seriousness of Saba materializes in trust by the spouses

She is not lacking in skills and not even conviction, all of this step by step.

Thanks Saba for telling us something about you.