Papillon sposo, sposarsi in Franciacorta

Groom’s papillon, getting married in Franciacorta – Part 3

Papillon, getting married in Franciacorta

The groom’s papillon? The look to get married in Franciacorta.

Will these future grooms be ready for the wedding in Franciacorta?

Will they know that among the preparations for their wedding in Italy there is not only the very important choice of the dress?

This is the third article regarding the future grooms… So, after reading about the accessories for the groom’s suit, after analyzing the tie, are you ready to discover the bow tie and the groom’s papillon?

When to wear the bow tie for magical weddings, such as weddings in Franciacorta?

But for the tailcoat obviously (which must be strictly white), while for the tuxedo the choice must fall on black, provided that you chose a suit of this colour.

In fact, many grooms have decided to give an eclectic touch to their wedding in Franciacorta in recent years. With groom’s papillon they can wear tuxedos in different colours, especially in shades of burgundy.

Wedding in Italy, groom’s look: The choice

There are different sizes of bow ties, these “accessories”, in fact, range from 2.5 cm to 8 cm.

The style rules would impose the “classic” choice for hand-tied bow ties.

However, it is right that today anyone feels free to follow the rules best suited to their way of being.

The choice of colour must also be made following certain criteria.

Our advice is to try several times the different types of papillon.

The important thing is to check which one fits best with the face colours and the rest of the outfit.

Groom’s bow tie is suitable both for men looking for style and elegance, especially in its black variant, and for more eclectic and particular grooms.

These are the newlyweds who want to give their wedding outfits in Italy a different and eccentric touch.

In this case, they will choose a colour fantasy other than black, but also in different materials.

Ever seen wooden bow ties for groom’s papillon?

Get married in Italy, groom’s look: The dress code

Finally, if you have thought of having your guests wear bow ties or ties, don’t forget to indicate the dress code to follow in the invitations you send!

Now that you have deepened the theme of ties and bow ties you can choose the solution that best suits the style of the wedding!

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(To be continued…)