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Groom shoes, it’s time to choose

Have you chosen the ceremonial dress that best represents you? Now we have to go in search of the groom’s shoes. Follow this guide, it will help you in choosing the most suitable ones.

How to choose the right groom’s shoes depending on the ceremony dress you will wear


  • Oxford is a tight shoe with laces, and it is certainly the most elegant choice, perfect for evening ceremonies especially if combined with a tuxedo or a tight.
  • Derbies, on the other hand, are more comfortable footwear, to be worn under a less classic dress, also equipped with laces, but have the advantage of being able to be reused.
  • Loafers for a more eclectic style.


As a rule, the groom’s shoes must be the same colour as the suit, except for boho-style weddings, in which no one will forbid you to wear light-coloured shoes like beige.

If the wedding in Franciacorta will be special and your bride will wear a colorful dress, then go ahead with originality!

Shoes materials

The choice of the material of your wedding shoes is also fundamental and it must be reasoned based on your style and the theme of the wedding in Franciacorta.

The timeless patent leather shoes are undoubtedly the most popular.

If you prefer something more sober, the brushed calfskin shoe is the one for you.

Groom shoes, conclusions

As you may have noticed, future spouses, the rules for perfect groom shoes are few and clear.

Do not recycle already used shoes. It is the day of your wedding in Franciacorta and you will be the centre of attention (you must be impeccable).

Rather, if you want to write off the expense, choose footwear that you can reuse in the future after the wedding.

Another very important note, the sock: wear one of the same colour as the shoes if your wedding in Franciacorta has a classic imprint or one of a different colour if you have chosen a more modern outfit or a more eccentric style.

Make sure that your groom shoes are comfortable on the wedding day in Franciacorta by wearing them for a few hours a day in the weeks preceding the wedding, so that they take the shape of your foot.

Are you still undecided? Then start your search on time (obviously in combination with the choice of dress) and try, try, try before choosing and buying them.

(To be continued…)