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Groom’s look, get married in Italy (Pt. 1) – Love in Franciacorta

Getting married in Franciacorta, the groom look

Getting married in Franciacorta and the groom’s look.

Men, after a short break dedicated to the wishes of a Happy Easter, let’s go back to talking about you and the most suitable choices for your wedding dress !!!

In February, we dedicated more space to the bride, while in March we started to address issues related to your look.

Before being able to define their own style, each groom should have clear ideas on what he wants to wear for his wedding in Franciacorta.

The questions to be asked should be: what is the most suitable type of formal dress for your wedding? Better elegant or alternative? How will you feel most comfortable?

Obviously, don’t forget all the accessories: the tie and the bow tie stand out first of all.

Groom look and get married in Italy

Tie and papillon, let’s know them better for groom’s look in Italy!

Tie and bow tie are two accessories for the groom look, extremely elegant and suitable for your wedding in Franciacorta, but they cannot be used or combined with the same type of suit.

The tie always remains the classic accessory par excellence, suitable for all dress cuts except for the tailcoat and tuxedo.

If you have chosen an elegant tight or a traditional 3-piece suit, the tie will undoubtedly be the ideal choice for your groom’s look.

However, if you have decided to wear a timeless tailcoat or an elegant tuxedo, the bow tie will be a mandatory accessory in your wedding in Franciacorta!

Each solution brings with it particularity and charm, linked to the history and aesthetics of these accessories.

For this reason, we will analyze the two accessories individually, in the next article.

Every man ready to get married in Italy should pay close attention in his groom’s look.

(To be continued…)