matrimoni esclusivi in franciacorta

Exclusive weddings in Italy: welcome to Villa Calini

Exclusive weddings in Italy? We introduce you to Villa Calini

If you are looking for companies able to organize and manage exclusive weddings in Italy, you cannot miss the opportunity to discover Franciacorta and Villa Calini in Coccaglio.

The villa was born in the 17th century as a hunting lodge.

Over the centuries, however, the structure has seen a radical change in its vocation, especially when it became a restaurant.

Since September 2009 this residence has been taken over by chef Cappotto and his wife Rossella, since then his vocation for the management of weddings with attention to every detail in Franciacorta has been tangible.

Who is the chef Alessandro Cappotto, let’s know his better

Alessandro Cappotto was born in Rome in 1969 and from a young age he entered the world of cooking.

From the very beginning, he experienced the discovery of the traditions and the ingredients in his own territory.

His training has begun in 1986.

He has the opportunity to travel all over the world, from Europe to Asia, with the aim of deepening and mastering important culinary techniques, collecting prestigious experiences in the greatest Italian and international gastronomic realities.

In 1992 he stopped in Brescia and more precisely in Castello Malvezzi.

Since 1998 he has made his knowledge available to future generations.

In fact, since that year he has been taking the path of teaching.

Experience and research for your wedding

Experience which must be added to the dissemination of food and wine culture through various publications in many sector magazines.

All his research is a treasure not to be kept hidden, it must be shared with the new levers.

There are several awards that Chef Alessandro Cappotto has received internationally over time.

Among them, some great satisfactions come for the interesting research activity, for the enterprising creative relationship in the creation of culinary combinations and for the knowledge of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The constant desire for new challenges and to broaden his horizons leads chef Cappotto to head the restaurant business of Villa Calini, this time alongside his wife Rossella.

From the beginning Villa Calini finds a splendid and prestigious opportunity in the exclusive weddings in Franciacorta.

At Villa Calini in Coccaglio you will find a couple and a close-knit and experienced team, capable of taking care of every aspect in organizing a wedding.

Chef Cappotto has always stood out for his culinary skills and menus attentive to the wishes of the spouses.

Rossella, thanks to the experience gained over the years, has always dealt with the management of the spouses inside the villa.

A reality with global appeal for exclusive weddings in Italy

Exclusive national and international exclusive weddings in Franciacorta: everyone likes this Villa and it is not difficult to understand why!

Furthermore, between 2011 and 2012, Villa Calini becomes a municipal house to give the newlyweds the opportunity to perform official civil rites, not only symbolic, in this fabulous context.

“A curiosity: do you know that at Villa Calini it is possible to get married in various outdoor spaces including the vegetable garden?

The nave leading to the altar is a hymn to Franciacorta, thanks to a vineyard arch that “embraces” the bride and groom.”

But let’s go back to the cooking: proper nutrition to be taken as a lifestyle choice is an unchangeable fixed point for Alessandro Cappotto.

The Chef develops his own culinary journey capable of embracing all dimensions of taste.

In every dish, in every choice, the attention to health, understood as authenticity, naturalness and harmony, never fails.

Natural and local, as we introduced at the beginning of the interview, respect for the seasonality of the ingredients and the use of quality products are a winning choice by chef Alessandro Cappotto.

In the kitchen of Villa Calini everything is homemade, from breadsticks to bread, up to pastry.

A beautiful note concerns the vegetable garden of Villa Calini, wanted, kept and used directly by Alessandro for his recipes.

In combination with his food, the protagonist of the wedding is the Franciacorta wine, a choice of high quality.

The spaces of Villa Calini

Going back to talk about exclusive weddings in Italy, the villa has large outdoor spaces and large historic halls.

To arrange your reception, you are spoiled for choice.

We offer you a quick list, which will intrigue you: Ballroom, Sala del Granaio, Sala della Galleria, Stable, Library, Sala del Conte, dependance, San Girolamo Chapel, but also the porch, the garden porch and the gardens surrounding the house.

It can be said that this villa has plan A and plan B for the future spouses depending on the weather!

Importance of a “human” relationship

The constant presence of the owners and a trusted staff guarantees direct dialogue and quality human contact with the numerous couples of future spouses.

Tranquility during the organization of the wedding passes through these apparently “small” things and the authoritativeness of those who have followed exclusive weddings in Italy for years now.

As we had introduced, the menu is seen and selected by the spouses in direct dialogue with the Chef, what more could you want !?

Feeling pampered, a precise and attentive service, spacious spaces and excellent cuisine are the feedback that couples tell each other from the day after the wedding.

Thanks to a constant word of mouth, these strengths are constantly transmitted to those who are still looking for a unique setting for their wedding.

The future for the chef Cappotto and his wife is made of bets and improvements

The love that Rossella and Chef Cappotto reserved for their work is palpable in every aspect. Also in the continuous search for improvements, with constant structural interventions.

An example? The desire to create support rooms not only for the spouses, but also for the guests.

The plan to offer cooking classes for new brides (by Chef Cappotto) and the creation of wedding favors with their own zero kilometre products.

In addition, Mrs. and Mr. Cappotto believe that, in the different periods of the year, it is right to study special promotions to encourage future spouses by offering inviting packages.

Definitely an incentive for those who want to choose Villa Calini not necessarily on the weekend and not necessarily in the high season, without giving up a wedding with bows !!!

Thanks Alessandro and Rossella for your welcome and for telling us a little bit about your life.