Reportage di Matrimonio, il servizio fotografico secondo Love in Franciacorta

Wedding reportage? Your shooting in Franciacorta!

Wedding reportage in Italy? Yeah!

Have you read our latest article on photography for your wedding photography in Franciacorta? Today we talk about Wedding Reportage  in Italy, for your shooting.

Several years have passed since some wedding photographers brought to Italy what abroad (and especially in the United States) had become a custom: the wedding reportage.

What is it about? An approach sometimes seen with suspicion by what we might call “classic” wedding photographers.

Why? It simply unhinged some traditional aspects of the wedding shooting.

First, let’s try to give a definition to the concept of photographic reportage, to be applied later on the wedding day.

The reportage is a specific photographic genre that proposes a documentation of facts and events.

The photographer participates to the events by creating a subjective documentation of what happens. For this reason, reportage photographs are associated with an aura of undisputed truth.

In a wedding reportage, the photographer does not just immortalize the couple released from the guests, if not for the classic ritual photographs with family members, relatives, friends, groom’s and bride’s colleagues.

A “new” conception for the wedding shooting.

The wedding reportage in Italy overturns this concept. The photographer enters fully into the day, possibly from the initial and preparation stages.

Gradually the wedding photographer will pay attention to every aspect, every nuance, so as to create a truly personalized shooting for the wedding.

If faced with seriousness and method, this tool gives the opportunity to create a real story of the day, which will remain in constant memory of newlyweds and guests.

A wedding reportage will start from the preparation of the bride and groom, up to the final moments of the party, it will be possible to capture unique moments of fun or emotion.

Sometimes it happens to represent details of marriage that are elusive, unaware and therefore “lost” from the memory of the spouses.

Through photography these moments can be rediscovered and can always excite.

(to be continued…)