wedding cake in franciacorta

Wedding cake in Franciacorta: interview with Giovanni Cavalleri

Wedding cake in Italy

Future spouses, we continue with the updates on our blog regarding our partners. The wedding cake in Franciacorta is the topic we will discuss today.

We have no doubt in telling you that Pasticceria Roberto is the best pastry shop in Franciacorta (therefore chosen by us, the creators of the project).

Our thought, of course, but it is however reflected in the numerous patisserie awards.

Giovanni Cavalleri, the owner, a member of the Italian Pastry Chef Academy, welcomed us into his “world” and told us something about himself.

How was this “Kingdom of Sweetness” born?

Pasticceria Roberto was born in 1981 by his father Roberto.

Giovanni Cavalleri was born in 1973 and has been working in the pastry shop since he was 12 years old.

The first steps in the family to then expand his knowledge in the hotel cooking school.

His first “external” experience took place at the age of 16 in the pastry shop of the undisputed master Iginio Massari, with whom he is still in excellent relations.

Subsequently, the young Giovanni periodically moves abroad. In fact, he attends various courses in France.

From the beginning to nowadays Giovanni dedicates himself entirely to his pastry shop (assisted by his staff).

Wedding cake and Cake design. When and how?

Giovanni has been approaching cake design for 10 years now.

The concept of cake design isn’t only for wedding cake.

It can now be applied to all pastry shops, which is done in the Roberto pastry shop daily, thanks to its skill and creativity (and we assure you … with excellent results).

Part of his technique was imported as a cultural background from the experience in France.

At Pasticceria Roberto all production is internal. Everything starts in his laboratory and every component or decoration is handmade, by him or his staff.

The wedding cake in Franciacorta

Everyone knows that this type of pastry, for wedding cake, is of Anglo-Saxon culture (extremely different from traditional Italian pastry), but, increasingly, it is also becoming an integral part of the Italian culinary panorama.

Perhaps all the cooking and pastry reality shows we see on TV will be complicit?

Giovanni consider all this positive. A useful opportunity to grow Pastry, add novelties to his luggage and accept every new challenge.

Obviously the cakes must be beautiful, not only very, very good.

A particular process cannot and must not be at the expense of taste. For this reason, too many aesthetic compromises are not conceived at Pasticceria Roberto. Rather, we prefer to combine the right mix of beauty and goodness.

Choices of wedding cakes and trends

We immediately tell you that the latest trendy wedding cake is called Naked.

Giovanni prefers not to talk about trends, but rather about approach to personalization and creativity.

For the wedding cake, he prefers light colors such as white and ivory because they are the representation of purity. Clearly the requests of the spouses are heeded to identify elegant solutions which do not distort the excellent work of the pastry staff.

For example, any details of the wedding cake may be in line with the bride’s dress or with the floral arrangements and colours of the wedding.

The wedding cake plans mustn’t be missing because they represent a staircase and a path of the couple’s life, towards the much dreamed wedding.

The human factor

At Roberto’s pastry shop, the future spouses (or the professionals who follow them) will be able to interact directly with the Chef Giovanni or with those who, within the staff of the pastry shop, deal exclusively with wedding cakes.

The steps of a super wedding cake

It starts with Giovanni’s creativity and the wishes of the spouses!

Everything starts with pen and paper, measurements in hand, number of guests. The creative project then begins with a graphic sketch, and then reaches a dream wedding cake!

How to end this pleasant chat with this great Italian pastry Chef, if not by telling you that his past has shaped him, the present keeps him firmly on the ground in doing what he loves most and that in the future there is only the desire for new challenges related to the excellence of pastry.

Thanks for your time, Giovanni!