Reportage fotografico di matrimonio

Two words on the wedding photo reportage – Love in Franciacorta

Author wedding photo reportage

Ok, last week we went into the importance of creating a wedding photo reportage.

Be careful though, this photographic style for weddings is not the solution to every request and desire of future spouses.

In fact, this solution often brings with it some “pitfalls” which should be taken into account. You don’t want a photographic souvenir of your wedding in Franciacorta opaque or uncared, do you!?

Playing on the factor that more and more spouses want natural photographs, more and more photographers propose the wedding photo reportage.

However, it often happens to see simple “outdoor” shots, without a reading key or questionable photographic solutions *(ok, this recent case that has come to the fore is decidedly extreme).

For this reason, it would be appropriate to speak of author for reportage for weddings.

Would you ever ask the writing of a best-seller novel to your elementary schoolmate, only because he wrote some nice compositions at school?

How to manage a wedding photo reportage

The wedding photo reportage must be careful and methodical.

The photographer’s competence allows us to understand situations and the succession of events.

A professional will know how to give an effective reading, which turns into a well organized story and able to excite anyone who looks at it every time.

To do this, experience is needed, the first ally in managing the numerous stages of a wedding.

In a wedding photographer you will have to see complicity, but not only.

You will have to find the technical preparation suitable to face every situation with serenity, photographic culture, fundamental to interpret the highlights of the day to which to give a shape that not only remembers them, but makes them live again.

A good photographer then, in his wedding photo reportage, should know how to manage and enhance people.

It is also important to know how to get out of the seed of reportage, dedicating time to the couple to portray moments of “peace” between the two.

Mind you, we no longer talk about the posed photographs that you will surely have seen on your parents’ album.

So how do you choose your wedding photographer?
Well, our advice is on the next article!

(to be continued…)