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Groom’s suit, do you have clear ideas? Love In Franciacorta

The groom’s suit, do you have clear ideas?

Ideas about the groom’s suit are often not so clear.

Finding the perfect formal dress is not easy, but with some right advice they will be useful to identify the most suitable dress for you.

Don’t forget: be faithful to yourself

For your wedding day in Franciacorta, it is important to choose a groom’s suit that reflects your style.

Needless to say, if you are men with a casual style, with too elegant clothes you would not feel comfortable.

If, on the other hand, you wear a jacket and tie daily, you can afford a slightly more refined style for the wedding day in Franciacorta.

Groom’s suit, respect the style of your wedding in Italy

The formal dress must represent you, but it must also be in line with the style of your wedding in Franciacorta.

If you are thinking for a shabby chic wedding with decorations in pastel tones, natural materials such as wood and wildflowers, the groom can afford a more casual style, perhaps in materials such as linen and cotton.

For a vintage-style wedding, however, the style of the dress will be much more than classic, almost like a star.

For this reason you can wear a tuxedo with a “Borsalino” on your head and pocket watch.

Finally, if the wedding in Franciacorta is classic and formal, the choice must fall on a tight or a tailcoat.

Do not neglect your future bride’s flavors

It is known that the bride’s dress will remain a mystery to the last moment.

However, the future husband will have to know her tastes a little or, at least, investigate to understand the style for that day.

Definitely, trying to please her too, choosing a groom’s suit that can approach her style is a good way to convey her love and the right importance she deserves.

Groom’s suit, consider your comfort

On your wedding day in Franciacorta you will not sit still for a minute: around the tables, surprises and jokes, photos, dances …
It is very important that the formal dress is comfortable.

Do the last test of the dress a few days before the wedding, checking that the size is still the right one, and don’t forget the shoes.

The righr colour of the dress for groom’s suit

The most classic colours of formal dresses are blue, grey and black.
These are certainly the most appropriate choices for classic weddings in Franciacorta, but if your wedding has a different style, you can wear a white dress or a pastel colour.

The latest proposals are truly numerous: from the most classic clothes to the hipster or dandy style.

The groom is unique, he is the protagonist together with the bride

For the bride it is impossible to get confused with the guests but for men, however, it is a little more difficult, it is therefore important to wear some details, such as a boutonniere or a particular vest, but not only.

The key word is to stand out

The accessories for the groom’s suit are a world apart. We go from indispensable solutions such as cufflinks and belts, to more original ones such as hats and pocket watches.

The choice of the formal dress is more difficult than it may seem at first glance, but with these simple tips and a search for at least four months before the wedding in Franciacorta, it will lead you to find the right dress for you.

(To be continued…)