Il fotografo per il matrimonio per Love in Franciacorta

Photographer for the wedding of your dreams, how to make your choise

How to choose the photographer for the wedding of your dreams? Love in Franciacorta suggestions…

We therefore arrived at the last of the four articles dedicated to the figure of the photographer for the wedding in Franciacorta (and not only).

After a long journey started with an analysis of the profession, passed through the evolution of the photographic style, with positive and negative aspects, here we are at the final stage.
The choice of the photographer for the wedding.

“It is the wand to choose the magician, mr. Potter.”

Okay, Harry Potter doesn’t have much to do with organizing your wedding, but the expressed concept can be a stimulus to reflect.

It is the photographer who chooses the newlyweds.

What do we mean? But it’s simple, the photographer himself will win you over with his own photographic style, his experience, his professionalism and, of course, his personality.

The style of the photographer for marriage in Italy

Just as each writer has his own literary style, making the books personal and recognizable, even wedding photographers give a personal imprint to the story of your most important day.

Each photographer will have his own different point of view, he will be able to “see” and interpret moments and situations by applying his own reading key.

For example, a photographer could base his work on photographic reportage, on authorial reportage or on more classic photos. And this is the simple starting point for identifying the approach to the wedding shooting.

For this reason you should, first of all, find the wedding photographer in line with your tastes.

The professional of your choice must be able to “write” the story of your wedding, through wedding photographs capable of moving you forever.

The photographer for the wedding experience

Knowing how to recognize the most important moments of your wedding, both official and unpredictable and elusive moments, is essential for the creation of a well-structured authorial wedding photographic reportage that is able to revive the wedding.

The experience of the photographer chosen for the wedding must be a guarantee in managing the day.

Relying on a professional in the field of wedding photography will relieve you of thoughts and worries.


How would you live the wedding of your dreams if you had a person with whom you don’t find any feeling all the time?

You will need to find an agreement with the photographer chosen for your wedding.

The possibility of establishing a frank, sincere and immediate dialogue will also benefit the final result of the wedding reportage.

Why? Well, the answer is as simple as it is important.
Finding people who can put you at ease, never oppressive, will make you feel more serene and calm. More relaxed, ideal for spontaneous, sincere and exciting photographs.


Last point in choosing the photographer for the wedding of their dreams is “professionalism”. Last, but certainly not least.

Professionalism in the work encompasses all the points already listed and it goes further.

Professionalism means always having a careful approach to the spouses, so as to fulfill their wishes. It means being available on a very busy day.

The professionalism of a wedding photographer also lies in the ability to create empathy with the spouses, without ever invading the private space of the couple or their guests.
The photographer will have to repay your trust.

For all these reasons, after carefully watching the work of a wedding photographer, you should always make an appointment and meet him.

First of all, to understand if what you have seen on the website corresponds to the real working style of a photographer (yes, it happened to find photographers who propose certain photographs only on the web).

Then, to understand in detail the offer for the wedding shooting: how the day will be managed, the availability of the professional and the costs.

So the photographer will choose you and convince you through his work, his style, his personality and his professionalism.

“It is the wand to choose the magician, mr. Potter.”