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Married in a winery in Italy. Get inspiration from Love In Franciacorta

Getting married in a winery in Franciacorta

Future spouses, our blog is always active in keeping you updated on wedding trends and, in our area, on the possibility of getting married in a winery.

We also take this opportunity to introduce you to those who make up the Love In Franciacorta team.

First of all, Tenuta La Montina, which coupled with Villa Baiana, will always know how to follow future spouses in organizing their wedding in winery as no other.

Decades of experience in the production of some of the most renowned Franciacorta sparkling wines is highlighted in every step of the wedding reception, but not only.

For those who choose the beautiful Monticelli Brusati estate, also for the civil ceremony, it will be possible to getting married in a winery and make their promises among the vineyards of the cellar.

Each course of the reception, then, will be characterized by the Franciacorta wine most suitable in enhancing the flavors.

We are sure, your guests will be literally satisfied

If you want to get married in a winery and better know Villa Baiana and La Montina, we refer you to the article dedicated to them!

Alternatively, you can rely on one of the numerous wineries in Franciacorta to find the wine chosen for the celebration of your wedding.

For example, you can take advantage of the event Cantine Aperte, which periodically offer culinary itineraries to their guests.

In this article we will tell you about an old acquaintance of Love in Franciacorta.

Welcome to Castello Bonomi, a renowned cellar, which has a real castle on the slopes of Monte Orfano, capable of characterizing the surrounding landscape.

Below you will find a short interview to the people who manage this estate.

Historical notes on the estate

Castello Bonomi is a historical reality in Franciacorta.

The castle dates back to the late 1800s and the architecture was commissioned by Dr. Tonelli (Silvio Pellico’s fellow prisoner) to an architect from Brescia.

Then came the farmhouse and the cellar.

In the 1950s, Engineer Bonomi purchased the entire estate, naming it “Tenuta Castellino”.

After this, the first self-produced wines were born. We are in 1971.

Since 2008 the management of the estate has changed shape, without altering the faith in Franciacorta’s production.

The Palladin family then takes over, but the estate still remains Engineer Bonomi’s property.

Get married in a winery. Events in the cellar

With the new management, the Palladin family has given a more modern and global imprint to this splendid area.

It opens the doors to visits to the winery, to food and wine, business events and, precisely, to wedding receptions (but not only)!

Who wouldn’t want to get married in a cellar in Franciacorta?

For this reason, we suggest you some of the most renowned and suitable locations to make your dreams come true.

The trend in requests from spouses occurs after visiting the cellars in this magical land, or by word of mouth.

Certainly, thanks to the care dedicated to all guests and the quality of the products that Franciacorta can offer.

There can be no better banquet without the award-winning wine from the cellars.

Cellars which, in most cases, are open to visits for the spouses and their guests during the wedding day.

A stimulating “tour” that will allow you to discover and better understand how the Franciacorta sparkling wine is born.

We, creators of Love In Franciacorta, invite you to go to know the renowned wineries of our territory …

You can sip good wine, walk surrounded by nature, see beautiful estates, without giving up the possibility of knowing directly who will be able to follow you in organizing your wedding in the cellar.

For any doubt about getting married in a winery in Italy, contact our partners and wedding locations on Love in Franciacorta.