Fotografia di matrimonio

Wedding Photography and Franciacorta

Wedding photography in Italy, a profession in constant evolution

Historically, photography and great photographers have always relegated wedding photography to a marginal, uninteresting role of little interest.

The reason? Probably the reasons for this disinterest and detachment are to be found in the immobility of some “professional photographers“.

The work has sometimes been reduced to a ready-to-use package, the same for each couple. A professional detachment was perceived which could be compared to that between surgeon and patient.

Sometimes it happens to see on social networks collections of wedding photographs with optical games or at least questionable solutions.

Goliardic effects or kitching processes that today would be considered as a complaint, but that depopulated in the past and that you can still find today in some work, unfortunately.

Fortunately, Photography is not just maths. Wedding photography in Italy has been able to evolve and reach a new dignity and authority, at the point of attracting the attention of new young photographers.

New wedding Photography in Franciacorta was able to go beyond math, moving, exciting, involving and creating empathy.

It became more refined and attentive. This genre managed to reach even the vip social lounges and the artistic exhibitions.

What does it mean make Wedding photography today?

It means doing a job that, as it often happens in Photography, to tell you the truth, goes far beyond the image recorded on an electronic sensor.

In Wedding photography psychology-related fields are also touched nowadays.

Certainly the work of the wedding photographer has changed a lot.

Many new professional figures have appeared and, year after year, we witness the decline of historical realities such as the village shop.

Realities that often do not know how to adapt to a new, increasingly personal approach.

In recent years, the much appreciated wedding photographic reportage has increasingly taken hold and the posed photographs have been demonized. In some cases with full reason.

This new approach to wedding photography (which we will deepen in the continuation of the article next week) has made the photographer to become an even more relevant figure in a wedding.

The photographer has become the most experienced person in wedding solutions, but able to act with attention to detail, among people, without ever being intrusive.

The wedding photographer must be a reference figure for the spouses (moreover, in terms of preparation, celebrations and concerns, we see more of the celebrants!).

Wedding photographers have the important task of knowing you, understanding you, being by your side and being part of your party.

It is important to always maintain the right professionalism that will allow us to tell your most beautiful day with our style.

But be careful, not all that glitters is gold. The advent of the much appreciated Wedding Reportage, as wedding photography, has also given space to new figures, who are not always able to give a clear, orderly and careful reading (even from a visual point of view) of that day.

But we will focus more on this aspect next week.

(to be continued…)