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Wedding in Franciacorta, bride’s beauty – Part 1

Beauty tricks for your wedding in Franciacorta: Brides, are you ready to be fabulous?

In the blog of Love In Franciacorta the part dedicated to beauty, which often terrifies many future brides, could not be missing.

But let’s face it, it is also a pampering that every woman can not wait to indulge.

To understand how to be even more beautiful on the wedding day, at Love In Franciacorta we investigated through our stylists.

We ask targeted questions that usually future brides ask themselves and to which no one better than a professional can answer.

Here are the best tips (and we assure you, they will be very useful):

There are no ugly women, women just have to learn to make the most of themselves!

Wedding in Franciacorta? The watchword is to enhance.

Dear women, through make-up and hair care have you ever noticed how beautiful and, above all, safer you feel, better with yourself and with the world around you?

For this reason, those who deal with make-up for the wedding decided to take care of the brides (on their most important day), not just for work.

This is a mission to make every woman prepared to feel fabulous!

So future brides, do not rely on the first make-up artist that you will find, look for, try and… in time I recommend!!!

Yep! It is important to move ahead, whether you already have clear ideas about the person who will take care of you (it is essential to block them immediately).

If you still have doubts about who you will choose, to have time to do more tests.

On the wedding day in Franciacorta, it is essential to be serene and know that you can completely trust on the chosen person.

The right professional should understand the future bride, the type of personality and what she really dreams of.

A true wedding professional will be able to understand the bride in her daily life.

For example, if the future bride is a very simple person, she will surely want to focus on a refined look, but not too obvious.

Therefore we must try to better interpret her needs by merging the all with the style chosen for the wedding, with the dress and the hairstyle but without exaggerating.

So, like every wedding professional in every sector, even those who will take care of your make-up will have to take notes on you future brides:

All fundamental elements that, combined with inspirational images of make-up and hairstyle (which future brides often collect and store), will help each woman towards the best choice  for your wedding day in Franciacorta.

(To be continued…)