San Valentino in Franciacorta

Valentine’s Day – Wedding in Italy

Today is Valentine’s Day in Franciacorta, but not only here clearly!

Needless to say, the feast of lovers is an anniversary celebrated all over the world!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you know that the birth of this commemoration coincides with the attempt of the Catholic Church to “Christianize” the pagan rite for fertility? If you are curious, go on reading this article and discover the origins of this fabulous day.

The origins

The precursor fathers of the Catholic Church were determined to end this pagan fertility practice and therefore wanted to find a saint of lovers. Therefore, in 496 a.d., Pope Gelasius deleted the pagan festival by decreeing that the cult of Saint Valentine had to be followed.

Valentino, the saint to whom this festival is named, was born in Terni, in 176 a.d., and died in Rome on February 14, 273. He dedicated his life to the Christian community and to the city of Terni, becoming its Bishop.

The reason why he is considered the patron saint of lovers is attributable to the legend that telling he was the first religious to celebrate the union between a pagan legionary and a Christian woman.

It is said that one day Valentino heard two young lovers, passing near his garden, while they were arguing. So he decided to go to meet the couple, holding a rose that he gave them, asking them to reconcile, squeezing the stem of the same together and praying with them so that the Lord would keep their love alive forever. Some time later, the couple asked him for the blessing of their marriage, before the premature departure of the two. When the story spread, many other lovers decided to go on pilgrimage to the Bishop of Terni on the 14th of each month, the day dedicated to blessings. Then the date was restricted only to February, because on that day of 273 Valentino died.

The most recent history

The combination of Valentine’s day with romantic love arrived later, even if the issue is controversial.

According to one of the most accredited theses, Valentine’s Day would have been introduced as a feast of lovers thanks to the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer (1343 – 1400), who, in his poem “Parliament of birds”, associates this anniversary with the engagement of Richard II of England with Anna of Bohemia.

In any case, in France and England, in the Middle Ages, mating of birds was believed to begin in mid-February: an event that lent itself to be consecrated on February 14 as the day of lovers.

… Valentine’s Day in Franciacorta, arriving to the present day

In Anglo-Saxon countries, the most characteristic trait is the exchange of “Valentine” (dating back to the 19th century), love cards with the silhouettes of the symbols of romantic love (hearts, dove, Cupid).

In the mid-nineteenth century in the United States this Esther Howland began to produce Valentine’s cards on an industrial scale. With the passage of time the tradition of love cards became secondary compared to the exchange of boxes of chocolates, bouquets of flowers or jewelry.

Today, Valentine’s Day in Italy and in the world

Valentine’s day in Italy and France

In Italy, France (and in Franciacorta) Valentine’s Day is the feast of lovers and is celebrated with gifts, chocolates and romantic dates.

Valentine’s day in USA

In the United States, the celebrations involve the whole family, because Valentine’s Day is the party of “those who love each other”. The children are very involved, preparing tickets and sweets to exchange with relatives, classmates and teachers.

Valentine’s day in UK

Even in England, they exchange chocolates and flowers, but romantic cards addressed to your loved one, the famous “Valentine”, are the most popular. The custom wants the sender to remain anonymous, to make the message even sweeter.

Valentine’s day in Spain

As for as Spain is concerned, it is traditional for a man to give a bouquet of red roses to his beloved.

Valentine’s day in Japan

And what about Japan? The real protagonists are women. In fact, it is their responsibility to give chocolates, handmade or purchased, to their lovers, but also friends, work colleagues or schoolmates as a sign of friendship. A month later, on March 14 on the so called “White Day”, men will have to reciprocate the kind gesture, with strictly white chocolates!

Valentine’s day in Cina, South Korea and Thailand

The tradition of South Korea, similar to the Japanese one, is however less joyful, as on April 14, the “Black day”, who has received nothing on February 14 or March 14, should go to a restaurant to eat spaghetti with cuttlefish ink and you will have to complain about your misfortunes and loneliness.

Taking a look at the distant China, it is the man who brings gifts, flowers and chocolates to the woman.

Finally, Thailand only reunites to celebrate lovers’ day when the decision to marry has been made.

Valentine’s day in Finland and Estonia

In Finland and Estonia February 14 is the “day of friends”, which is celebrated in the company.

Whatever your way of celebrating is, Happy Valentine’s Day in Franciacorta and all over the world!