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Bride’s Make-up in Franciacorta – Wedding in Italy – Love In Franciacorta – Part 2

… and here we are with the secondo part of the article dedicated to bride’s make-up in Franciacorta for your wedding in Italy.

Future brides, sharpen sight and intelligence!

Continue to plan your wedding by creating an inspiration folder, checking out Pinterest, to be shared with those who will take care of your make-up (but also “hairstyle“).

Who will take care of you on your wedding in Italy, will have to make you feel at ease as well as beautiful.

The professionals who will take care of bridal make-up in Franciacorta and bridal hairstyle will be two fundamental figures for that very special day.

These “artists” will have to be present, but also to remain on the sidelines.

They will have to know how to give a special word at the right time, as well as the right advice for a possible last-minute “mishap”.

It can happen and it is not a drama, just deal with everything with serenity by relying on real professionals.

If the key is to enhance yourself, let’s not forget the following: without exceeding.

When looking for the perfect combination of bride’s make-up in Franciacorta and hairstyle, you will have to keep in mind the time of the day when the wedding will take place in Franciacorta.

If the party is concentrated in the evening, for example, the make-up can be more accentuated.

To choose the hairstyle you must pay attention to the type of dress chosen and, above all, to the neckline or the shrug.

For example, if a dress is highly accented, totally loose hair is not recommended.

Bride’s make-up in Franciacorta, key points

Everything must blend perfectly so as to appear natural.

Every detail of the wedding in Italy must be taken into account in order to choose the right look.

You will have to think about the season in which the wedding will take place, the style, but also how you future brides feel and how you wear your hair in everyday life.

A word of advice, if you plan to grow your hair just for the wedding, but normally you bring it collected, try to opt for a crop with only a few falling strands.

There is not only the wedding day in Franciacorta as an excuse to be fabulous.

The basis for perfect skin on your wedding day is to treat it daily with a good cleanser, indispensable even for those who do not wear make-up, an alcohol-free tonic and a good moisturizer.

Welcome treatments by the beautician to help oxygenate and give more light to the skin.

The most important work, however, you will do in the care every day … only in this way your makeup will be bright, uniform and will last until late at night!

Tanning lamps are not recommended, they dry out the skin and unwanted redness is always around the corner.

If the pale complexion does not suit, some gradual exposure to the sun is better for an amber and natural shade, being very careful not to leave any signs of the swimsuit.

(To be continued…)