Bride’s beauty (Pt 3) – Wedding in Italy with Love in Franciacorta

… continuing to talk about bride’s beauty, wedding hairstyle and makeup, here you are at the big day !!!

The ideal for bridal make-up is to use excellent primers and fixatives and opt for a make-up that is as waterproof as possible!

Moreover, in your bridesmaid’s handbag the concealer, the face powder and the lipstick chosen for the occasion for pre-photo retouching must absolutely not miss!

But returning to the wedding hairstyle, an important advice for your hair is not to overdo with nourishing products such as shampoo and masks.

Often you exaggerate thinking to give more softness and then you end up weighing down your hair, risking to compromise the hold and good success of your hairstyle

So yes to the conditioner, but always rinsed very well! An eye instead will go to your eyebrows , the fundamental frame of your face.

Bride’s beauty, what not to forget?

As for the bridal eyebrows, start looking for the most suitable line for your face as soon as possible, don’t wait the last 15 days to work them!

It often takes months to recreate the ideal line, especially when there are cases of very thin eyebrows.

Very important, however, do not depilate them the day before, also to avoid unsightly redness.

See you soon with the next article, you, future brides, meanwhile pamper yourself and get ready to be fabulous for your wedding in Franciacorta!