A sparkling 2018 – Love In Franciacorta

Wedding in Italy? News from Love In Franciacorta are coming … Stay tuned!

Happy New Year to all the future spouses who will come in Italy for their weddings. Follow us with such a passion for your Italian Wedding!

Love In Franciacorta is a large family of italian wedding professionals living in Franciacorta, who, year after year, takes care of the organisation of many unforgettable weddings.

We are constantly evolving, we are always looking for the best about italian wedding, thanks to new high profiled partnerships of experts to understand the future spouses’ aspirations and how to move to achieve perfect weddings in Italy.

The new partners of Love In Franciacorta are the following:

Villa Calini

Dispensa Franciacorta

and together with the professionals already within the team, that is:

Partecipazioni Chantilly

Metafora Wedding Flowers

Simone Marulli (wedding clothes)

Villa Fassati Barba

Andrea Mutti Photography

Barboglio De Gaioncelli

Pasticceria Roberto

Giulia Abbigliamento

Ivan Lancini

Deborah Aradori

They wish you a wonderful 2018, full of successes, joy and lots and lots of Franciacorta bubbles!

Contact us if you are planning the wedding of your dreams and… in 2018 go and have a look at our windows in order to know us better.