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We are approaching the end of 2017 and the weddings made by us, wedding professionals in Franciacorta, have been many and beautiful.

Marriage Professionals

As with every passing year, however, we turn the page and think about news and new ideas to propose to future spouses.

If 2018 is the year in which you will celebrate your wedding, you cannot miss this article, because it will introduce you to 8 trends from overseas that could also take hold here in Italy.

They are solutions that, combined with your personal taste, will make your wedding in Franciacorta a unique experience, for you newlyweds, but also for your guests.

The wedding reception will turn into a memory to talk about for a long, long time.

It is true that when you get married you always look for advice, you want to compare with those who have already faced this day… friends, work colleagues, relatives and even neighbours.

Each of them with their own experience, with their own story and with their own ideas, which could however be passed away.

They can certainly merge or come together or be replaced with new solutions, therefore, for those who want to be more daring, here are the new “recipes” of the 2018 wedding that the professionals of the Love In Franciacorta will be able to enhance.

Total white, goodbye

It is known: white is the color of weddings par excellence, there is no bride who would give it up and there is no reason to do so, it is clear. But for the 2018 weddings a return of colours is expected.

It is commonly defined: wedding colour palette, that is a colours combination that guide the wedding. They will be shown on the charts to compose the invitations (visit Partecipazioni Chantilly) and to those who will take care of the floral arrangements (have a look at Metafora Wedding Flowers) to create compositions for the hall and for the reception. They could be the colours of the bridesmaids’ accessories (aren’t you curious to cast an eye on Simone Marulli?) or those of the tablecloths.

One thing is certain: if you are afraid of making a mistake, get help from our wedding professionals.
Asap, we will be able to reveal our (real) Wedding Planner, a figure able to coordinate the work of all professionals from the earliest stages, such as the choice of wedding colours, carried out with the same care with which the clothes are combined every morning in front at the mirror.

All this is important to ensure that this event fully represents you, future spouses, and leave you indelible memories.

Marriage professionals and the welcome

The entrance of a church often leads us to remember the bride.

The cars elegantly decorated and parked in the square, but above all the flowers, the decorations or the classic white carpet that can be seen behind the door.

Just seeing these details leads us to stay, just to browse (and wait for the magic of the couple).

Marriage professionals say that another trend for 2018 weddings is precisely to enhance the moment of entry. How?

Through a shabby chic sign at the entrance of the church, decorating particular details near the location, drawing the path to reach the aperitif area with torches and lanterns.

Welcoming guests is one of the ways to make them participate in this great joy from the beginning, giving them back the feeling of being part of something beautiful, great, exciting and it is a gesture that really deserves to be done.

Plan online with marriage professionals

In recent years, technologies have taken hold in our lives and, be honest, we are always on the phone. Considering phone calls, emails, chats and messages, we look more at the smartphone screen than the television one.

We, professionals of the marriage of Love In Franciacorta, know it too well, all of us, and that’s why we are present in internet with this portal, on Facebook or on Instagram. What do we bet that, for weddings 2018, the trend will be to use smartphones to be helped in organising the wedding?

We perfectly know the advantage of having all the details regarding the wedding and the countless solutions dedicated to the wedding at hand, such as: the management of the location spaces (such as Villa Fassati Barba for example), the agenda that recalls when to fix the date of the premarital service with the photographer (in this case Andrea Mutti Photography), the addresses of the suppliers to be set on google maps before going to the appointments.

Not to mention that it is possible to use the web, creating a service and involving guests through a mini website.

You can collect information about your wedding and provide useful details to participate constructively to the wedding, but also by integrating contents and extracts of the wedding in a single “place” and live (everything could always be edited by Andrea Mutti Photography).

With the nose up

When you organise a wedding in defining the decorations, remember to use all three dimensions: height, width and depth.

Another trend for weddings 2018: vertical decoration. Among the decorations look for vertical elements and create games of heights, it is essential to create the right atmosphere.

So exceed in luxurious candelabra and rows of light bulbs (depending on the mood of the wedding)… also decorating the portion of the sky that is just above you will make everything more magical.

Like in a garden

For some time, we have been sensitized on the theme of ecology and nature and the “green” mood is going a lot, so marriage professionals confirm that this trend will be successful also in 2018.

The trend suggested by wedding professionals leads to be inspired by the natural shape of plants and gardens, focusing on a refined simplicity.

Compact compositions that draw perfect shapes have to be abolished, while green light for compositions decomposed, but deliberately balanced in proportions. Do you know the “ruffled fake” look that is so trendy in hair?

Recreate the freshness and spontaneity of a bouquet of freshly picked flowers in the garden.

Fun during the banquet

Involving guests is essential and Barboglio De Gaioncelli, excellence of banqueting in Franciacorta knows this.

Since everyone will spend some time standing in front of the appetizer buffet, what about involving them in that moment?

A delicious idea can be dispensers for different drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

Obviously the inevitable bottle of Franciacorta sparkling wine cannot be missing and… rigorously uncorked à la volée by the spouses.

Another gluttonous idea is the choice of the donuts, the donuts, made famous in the Simpsons’ series, have recently earned a place in the corner of the sweets of the most fun and colorful weddings!

A nice solution would be to create an entire wall to hang them on… Imagine the expression of all the most greedy guests.

Brilliant touch

Going back to colours and fittings, a 2018 wedding trend, we particularly love, is to use precious details to illuminate a palette composed of neutral colours. For those who love white, turtledove, light grey and look for elegance in every detail, that is the right idea.

Combine glass, crystal, white tablecloth, light-toned flowers with gold – bronze – silver – metallic details. It will be a real twinkle. A real novelty that we will see in 2018 will be Copper… we don’t tell you more.

Change of look

There are those who really think big and decide to change 3, what am I talking about? But of the bride’s look, of course.

Think of a dress for the ceremony, one for cutting the cake (and for the wedding cake par excellence we recommend Pasticceria Roberto), and finally, after midnight, an atypical and completely different look for dancing!

If you had simply thought about wearing ballet flats, or sneakers under your dress… well, it could be stimulating to think big and contact Simone Marulli.

These eight 2018 wedding trends announce us a very special year full of surprises, where the password is:


And which is your 2018 wedding trend?

Hoping that you like these ideas and they can be a source of inspiration, contact us, even just to have a chat and… if you want, we will be happy to be part of the realization of the wedding of your dreams!